Boy Balla to brawl with Ndongo Lo in wrestling combat

Friday, February 22, 2019

Boy Balla of club Jabang Mbollo will fight with Ndongo Lo of Dakar, Senegal in a grand wrestling combat this Sunday at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

The much-awaited contest will attract spectators from the Greater Banjul Area and environs as both wrestlers are household names in the Senegambia region.

Boy Balla and Ndongo Lo are both prepared physically and mentally for their weekend combat which is staged by Minneh Morry promotions and is promised to be a highly contested combat. Ticket for contest is D100 for ordinary and 150 for VIP

Below are contests to be staged before the grand combat between Boy Balla and Ndongo Lo:

1.         Yareh (Serrekunda Mbolo) VS Sita (Yundum Mbolo)

2.         Star FM (Ham Sa Chossan) VS Sora (Mara)

3.         Dem Jel (Ebo Town Mbolo) VS  Tampong (Nema)

4.         Boy Gaye (Ama Academy) VS Evidence (Bara)

5.         Chat (Ndongo Ceesay) VS Gaindeh (Abuko Mbolo)

6.         Fatama (Serrekunda Gom sa Rew) VS Bebe Gineh (Banjul Japoo)

7.         Gineh2 (Serrekunda Mbolo) VS Seri Boy (kebba Jome)

8.         Sele ( Saku Ham Ham) VS Chatty Malaw (Tallinding Japoo)

9.         Sai Sai (Serrekunda mbolo) VS Mboran (feka ma ci boleh)

10.       Boy Balla (Jabang Mbolo) VS Ndongo Lo (Senegal)

Author: Fatoumatta Komma