Boy Balla, France face-off ahead of nail-biting combat

Monday, November 12, 2018

Jabang-based wrestler, Boy-Balla from Jabang Mballo wrestling club and Banjul-based France from Banjul Sagu Ham Ham wrestling club Saturday had a face-off ahead of their nail-biting combat scheduled for November 25 at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

The face-to-face (war-of-words) between the two wrestlers together with 9 other combatants that was held at the Westfield Monument, was witnessed by hundreds of Gambian wrestling followers.

Boy Balla has vowed to his fans that he will fight and beat France. “I swear I have power more than you and I’m also younger than you. I know you very well with the kind of fight you got. I swear I will come and fight you all out,” Boy Balla told France but France also told him: “Money has brought us together but not our records. You don’t have power and you will never have because you only drank protein to gain power.”

Shering Ebrima Drammeh, CEO of Nasirou Promotions in collaboration with MMJ Mobile Shop, Adja Patisen, Star Properties, Sonasi Paths and Taiba Printing Company, stages this fight, including 9 others.

It is the third edition of Ama Balde’s (the Senegalese renowned wrestler) wrestling flag. the first edition was in 2015 featuring Leket Mu Barra against Mburan and the second edition was in 2016.

The statistics show the Jabang-based wrestler Boy-Balla has participated in 22 combats (fights) with 16 victories, 5 defeats and 1 nil; while the Banjul-based wrestler, France contested in 12 combats (fights) with 9 victories and 3 defeats.

The Senegalese renowned wrestling journalist on 2RTS, Modou Mbaye, son of Alhagie Bekai Mbaye; Marcel Mendy Executive Secretary National Sports Council, Gana Jeng CEO of BMG properties and Alagie Dodou Sano, President Barrow’s political adviser conducted the face-to-face.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara