Money Empire has signed Nobles

Friday, July 26, 2019

In an effort to put Gambian musicians in the world map, Money Empire has signed Nobles to its record label who already released the first single through the label called Pretty Bajuda. 

Although whispers have been brewing among industry players for a while, Money Empire is proud to officially announce the Nobles as the newest member of their family, which includes Omid Wisdom and Rash K.

Pretty Bajuda is produced by Phantom, a top international producer from Nigeria who was flown into The Gambia by Money Empire to record the Nobles, according to the Money Empire manager Olimatou Taal.

Phantom has worked with the biggest in Afro Beat such as Burner Boy and produced his hit tune Ye.  He also produced Wiz Kid’s Master Groove and won Producer of the Year at this year’s Sound City MVP Awards in Lagos. The Afro-beat connoisseur is sure to catapult a new sound for Nobles, which was evident in the studio as the artists recorded new hits.

This new sensational ballad for all the “Pretty Bajudas” or simply put “Pretty Women” reinforces their fortitude for the kind of music that melts the hearts of the women. This hit song is guaranteed to have all the ladies and gentlemen singing along everywhere. As a mixed genre male band, Nobles has the potential to crossover in markets in Africa, Europe, U.S. and the rest of the world.

According to the music expert manager, their sound is Afro pop mixed with Afro beats, mbalax, alternative hip-hop and dancehall fusion.  “This gives them a uniqueness that has taken the Gambian music by storm and has demand throughout the Gambia and West Africa.  They pride themselves of having a quality performance combined with their talent, trendy dance moves, coordinated stylish fashions, and dynamic stage presence.

 “Now there are young people coming up with vision, who are willing to invest their money to take the artistes to the high height of their career and that’s what Money Empire use to do.”

T.Bery, from the Nobles Gambia and a rapper, said they have been working so hard to make sure that they reach out to the next level.

 “Music is very expensive, and when Money Empire approached us, we find out that they have the same target like us in taking Gambian music to the next level.”  

Pablo Badjan, a Gambia rapper and a member of the Nobles said basically Money Empire have been exporting the best Gambian talents to the next level.

“When we talk about music in the world, Nigeria has one of the biggest successful artistes in Africa,” so for us coming from The Gambia with a small chance penetrating outside seeing a record label like Money Empire with big plans is really impressed us to join our brand with their brand as well.

Salieu Mballow alias Aya, a lead vocalist for the Nobles said there has been great achievements and changes within a short period of time, adding that as a music group, I think  Gambian musicians has done enough in taking the music to a high level. So joining with Money Empire is a great thing, because they have the same vision and ambition as we do. 

Wisdom, I am an artiste from The Gambia, I do afro-pop music with elements of dancehall and hip-hop, and also an actor, a voice over artiste for different companies in the Gambia. I worked with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the second largest organization after the United Nations.

The afro-pop artiste released a single entitled Chewing Gum Baby which is actually happen to be one of the hardest summer song by all the ladies and by end of July the single will be available to all digital platforms. Chewing baby is actually a woman that make life a little bit sweeter, because women wherever they are, they bring happiness.