Boris Demba on the importance of infrastructure

Friday, January 05, 2018

Bubacarr ‘Boris’ Demba, regional coach for North Bank Region has called on authorities, organisations and philanthropists to invest in infrastructure if they want to see Gambian sports develop as it is infrastructure that pays football.

Coach Boris, who made these remarked in an interview with reporters during the Toubakolong Youth and Sport Development Association ‘nawetan’ final played over the weekend between Aljamdu United and Niumi Lamin United, added that the donations and sponsorships do help football but could not sustain it.

His remarks came following the laying of the foundation stone of the fencing of the Toubakolong football field, which was laid by King of Kora Jaliba Kuyateh and Hon. Omar Darboe, National Assembly Member for Upper Niumi Constituency. 

He highlighted that football could not develop without infrastructure and as such the laying of the foundation stone for the fencing of the football field was a good step by the committee.

He pointed out that The Gambia needs to look at infrastructure, organisational infrastructure and capacity building of all stakeholders for the implementation of sport to be easy for them to have a direction and target.

He noted that lack of proper infrastructure is hindering the country’s football development, saying, “We need infrastructures in every region across the country.”

He also called for the need for right brains to man our structures, saying, everything begins and ends in mind especially in sports development.

“We need to take the right processes now or else it will be one step forward and ten steps backward which is not helping The Gambia and Gambian youth.” He went on describing The Gambia as second to none in the world when it comes to natural talents.

He took time to make known impression with the magnitude of the final, saying, the organisation, coaches, players, attendance were all wonderful.

Kemo Ceesay, chairman of Toubakolong Youth and Sports Development Association, for his part, also expressed delight with the quality of football demonstrated by players, saying that it was what one could expect at any level.

Mr. Ceesay highlighted that sports could not develop without self-cultured discipline and respect for opponents as well as taking ownership of the game and also take proud in it, which he said was what was demonstrated during the tournament by participating communities and therefore commended them.

He also thanked everyone that in one way or the other contributed in making the final a success.

Meanwhile, the replay of the final which ended in an 8-8 penalty shootout stalemate draw following a 2-all drew on regulation time will take place on Saturday 6 January 2018, at the Toubakolong football field in Upper Niumi District.  

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture:Bubacarr ‘Boris’ Demba is regional coach for North Bank Region