Boosting Anti-drug war

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Former U.S. politician and philanthropist, who served as the 39th president of the United States has once said that the drug culture has shaped at least one major change since the sixties; it became the basis for overloading our prisons. This goes to show the negative impact and danger of drug abuse in our modern society.

However, a decent nation is the product of a decent people who refuse to allow vices that are social pollutants like illicit drugs to permeate their society. We all know that drugs can corrode a whole society, hitting at all that a normal human society requires: stable families, healthy work force, law abiding citizens, etc.

Drugs destroy lives and undermine sustainable human development as well as engender crime. Worse still, it destroys young people, the country’s most valuable asset and future leaders.

The Gambia under the new dispensation cannot and will not be a safe haven for drug traffickers and abusers.  This explains why government took a firm stand in consistently declaring zero tolerance for drugs.

Suffice it to state that combating drugs is one of the most difficult jobs one can embark upon in modern times. While the number of drug users and traffickers are on the increase, the methods of concealment are also getting more and more sophisticated.

Therefore, we encourage all to play their part in ensuring that significant gains are made in the country’s anti-drug campaign. While the government is developing preventative strategies that strike at the underlying factors that lead people to traffic drugs, the citizenry should also make it a point of duty to distance themselves from drug trafficking and consumption.

We should at all times remember that there is no utility in consuming something that could send you to the grave. Besides, this country is advancing greatly, so we should never allow the evil intention of drug traffickers to ruin our collective progress.

A Guest Editorial