Boga defeats Balla Gambia in 46 seconds bout

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Boga of club Serrekunda Gom Sa Rew Sunday defeated Balla Gambia of Gambia Police Force in a wrestle at the Serrekunda West Mini Stadium which lasted for 46 seconds.

The combat brought together thousands of wrestling followers across Serrekunda West and other parts of the country. It was staged by Jinneh Morry Promotions who organized eight other bouts between 2012 -2014.

Both wrestlers promised their fans a win three weeks prior to the combat during their face-to-face chat.

Boga proved too strong than Balla Gambia after beating Gambia Police Force’s wrestler in a grand contest staged over the weekend.

Speaking shortly after the contest, Boga said he deserved to beat Balla Gambia in the contest because he was well prepared for the battle than him. He added that it was a combat for revenge after losing the previous one.

 Boga revealed that he was defeated by Balla Gambia’s compatriot Yaya Jammeh in a grand combat before their weekend contest.

Author: Fatou Komma