Black Thunder shoots new videos

Friday, May 18, 2018

Gambia-Swiss based reggae and dancehall artiste Black Thunder has recently shoot new two music videos as part of his Gambia promo tour. The videos: “Jawuya” and “Nations Girls” were filmed by Wax media. Besides, he also recorded a hit drop “Gambia Nema Banko”, with another Gambia-based star, Philanthropy.

One of the new videos dubbed the Nation Girls portrays the beauty of Africa girls, while Jawuya takes on cultural aspect.

The Bern-based reggae star is optimistic that with determination and support, his music could hit global music scene someday. “I am determined to move my music higher because that is the only thing I studied in school. I’m more focus and without doubt on my music making an impact because I want to make breakthrough this year. I want to spread positivity through my music,” he said.

Black Thunder began his music career at a tender age and by the age of seven; he had already started music bands with couple of his friends. To consider music as a career choice he later played a pivotal role and before long, he met a popular local producer called Papis, who first introduced him to studio.

This studio work saw him record his maiden single ‘Liberate From Action’ at TJ records in 2002. In 2004, he relocated to Milan, Italy to pursue music studies for two years.

In 2009, he relocated to Bern, Switzerland where he launched a solo career and signed contract with Likkle Lion Record in Geneva. While in Bern, he attended music school for 20 months, doing both theory and practical and was regarded as one of Switzerland’s best 12 artistes of distinction. In 2014, he signed another contract with Atomic Dog Record in Bern.

In 2015, he visited The Gambia where he staged eight concerts and all the proceeds were donated to schools, hospitals and youth development projects.

In 2016, he made his debut performance at Flag Flow Senegambia high, a musical platform meant to showcase Senegambia artists in Europe, where he was awarded the best stage performer. In 2018, he started working with Move Mentality band as his performing band across the world.