Black Thunder arrives in Gambia

Friday, April 12, 2019

Gambian-Switzerland-based reggae dancehall artiste Black Thunder last Friday arrived in The Gambia for a short tour in the West African country.

The tour will start this Saturday at the Kerewan Youth Centre in a show organised by Fire House Crew featuring Black Thunder himself, Philanthropy, Ras Emanuel, a Jamaican-US based and Kilimanjaro. The show will be backed by MC Crucial of Black Energy Sound, DJ Mutaburaka of Africa Light Sound, DJ Dandose and DJ Fireman of the Fire House Crew.

On April 19, the tour will continue at the Welingara Cinema Hall where Black Thunder and New Jersey-based reggae ambassador Ras Emaneul will perform with guest artistes Philanthropy, Team Thunder, Da Builders,Jola Boyo, Swag King, Bad Kids, Don Njie, Glow Gang and Dictators. The show will be backed by DJ Fire man, DJ Mighty P, DJ Mutaburaka, and MC Crucial.

April 26 will be at Busumbala Hall which will be organised by Africa Light Sound and Mike Promotion and will celebrate ‘The return of Ras Emaneul’ Reggae Ambassador in The Gambia. It will feature Black Thunder, Prasy, Kilimanjaro, Wulaba Mansa, Bureng Boyo, Bob Million Busumbala Boyo and a special guest Tony Moses from Kingston Jamaica, back by DJ Mutaburaka, DJ Zion Yute, DJ Bacha, DJ Njags and DJ Junior Kelly.

Ebrima Jatta, alias DJ Mutaburaka is road manager of Black Thunder and  Ras Emanuel and explained that the tour is meant to spread positivity and consciousness among the youths.

 About Thunder

Born on 5 December 1987 in Njaba Kunda, The Gambia, Saikou Kanteh, popularly known as Black Thunder, is a songwriter, reggae and dancehall artist based in Bern, Switzerland. His passion for music began when he was seven years old.

At that age, he had already started for a band with his friends. He later decided to consider music as a career of choice. Shortly afterwards, he met a popular local producer called Papis who brought him to studio. This saw him recording his maiden single called ‘Liberate From Action’ at TJ records in 2002.

In 2004, he relocated to Milan, Italy to pursue music studies for two years. After completing his studies, he went into the studio to record more music and later founded a band. His musical journey began taking shape and saw him touring Europe with his band.

In 2009, he left Italy for Bern, Switzerland where he launched a solo career and signed contract with Likkle Lion Record in Geneva. While in Bern, he attended music school for 20 months, doing both theory and practical and was regarded as one of Switzerland’s best 12 artistes of distinction. In 2014, he signed another contract with Atomic Dog Record in Bern.

In 2015, he toured The Gambia where he had eight concerts. All the proceeds were donated to schools, hospitals and youths development projects.

In 2016, he made his debut performance at Flag Flowing Senegambia high, a musical platform meant to showcase Senegambia artists in Europe where he was awarded as the best stage performer.  In 2018, started working with Movementality band as his performing band across the world.

Here are hits songs of 2018:‘100 millions’, ‘Yes I Pray’, ‘Gambia be wise,’ ‘Love again’, ‘Can’t stop the fire’, Never Chat’, ‘Nation girls’ and ‘Jawuya’.