Binta Kuyateh, APRC defector to UDP blames Ex-governor for her misfortune

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Binta Kuyateh, 63-year old member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and resident and native of Brikamaba in the Central River Region told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise that her misfortunes stemmed from the then governor of Central River Region, Nganyi Touray and his deputy, Malang Saibo in 2012 interference in politics.

She told the Commission that her husband went to an early grave as a result of her arrest and detention orchestrated by then governor, Nganyi Touray and his deputy, Malang Saibo.

She recalled that her trouble started when she defected from the APRC ruling party to the UDP in 2012 after which she was picked up by a para-military officer during a political meeting held at Brikamaba.

She indicated that she spent a night at Brikamaba Police Station and then taken to Bansang Police Station the following morning where she met other detainees like Karamo Kuyateh, Omar Kuyateh, Serign Darboe and Jobe Sanneh.

She further indicated that she was taken to Marcarthy Island where she met Nganyi Touray, the then governor and his deputy, Malang Saibo.

The witness told the Commission that after her meeting with them, the then governor Nganyi Touray told her that she would not see the sun for a long time and she was taken to Janjanbureh Prisons where she was detained.

The witness revealed that three days after her detention, her husband visited her but her husband was intimidated by the prison officials and he left in anger and heart-broken and never returned to visit her until he died.

She told the Commission that she requested to take bath but the prison official did not give her privacy to take bath and then she cancelled her bath.

The witness cited another instance where the deputy governor, Malang Saibo came to her and asked her to sing a song and dance but she refused.

She said she was never told the reason for her arrest and detention and that she had difficult times during her detention.

She disclosed that the cell was in squalid condition, noting that it was filthy with excreta and maggots coming out of the bucket meant as toilet facility.

The witness revealed that she was released after she was arraigned before a Magistrates’ Court after four months of trial.

She indicated that her husband’s sickness started after he visited her at Janjanbureh prisons and he died few months later.

She told the Commission that Nganyi Touray and Malang Saibo brought untold sufferings to her, her family and she lost her husband.

Author: Bruce Asemota