Bensouda denies being UDP executive’s ‘favourite’

Monday, March 12, 2018

Talib Ahmed Bensouda has denied reports that alleged he was executive’s “favourite” among contending candidates of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the upcoming KMC mayoral.

At the primaries conducted by the party with the biggest number of seats in the National Assembly, Mr. Bensouda emerged winner after defeating two others in a second-round vote. This victory, according to him, does not in any way reflect he is favourite of the party executive. 

““I was voted by ordinary party member delegates, not the executive,” he argued, adding that such misinformation was meant to smear him with rumours.

“I have always been the leader in terms of opinion polls. We ran a very effective and structured campaign… I heard many allegations from other camps but I know they are mere allegations,” he added.

In an interview with The Point on Friday at his office in Fajara, he said he won in a fair and transparent process.  

Commenting on the petition by the Mustapha Touray camp alleging irregularities, he said it was not done during or before the election; rather, it was after they lost the election which was fair and transparent, he stated. 

“The process leading to the election was free and fair and we all had our polling agents. The media was present during the time the election was being conducted, and everybody (including agents and candidates) said they were satisfied,” he explained.

Of the141 delegates chosen by members of respective communities in a process overseen by the constituency chairmen and parliamentarians, Bensouda said there was no way that any camp could have manipulated that election.

According to him, developing the municipality and the country was his key motivation to join politics. He is a successful businessman employing 40 staff members in his companies, some of whom are paid better than the position of KMC mayor.

“Personally, the time I spent in my business was more beneficial to me than time spent for public service. However, I appreciate that public service is more important especially for the young and educated so as to give back and develop the country,” said Bansouda.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara
Source: Picture: Talib Ahmed Bensouda