Benefits of commonwealth countries for their citizens?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The British Commonwealth is a voluntary, intergovernmental organization that seeks to promote mutual understanding, friendship and trade. Therefore, there are a number of benefits. It comprises of countries that were once British colonies and that share a heritage of British law and government. The term is also used to mean a community in general.

Though defence treaties relating to Commonwealth countries are few and far between, most members would seek to protect each other in a crisis. Tuvalu, one of the smallest members of the Commonwealth, would not be invaded without New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other major members of the Commonwealth raising concern and, if necessary, military action. Small Commonwealth members, with small or non-existent armies, avail most from this unofficial pact between the members of the Commonwealth. Each country is keen to build a national image and promote democracy, the English language and identity - and so will always try to protect their ‘relatives’

In the United Kingdom, citizens of Commonwealth countries retain the right to vote in General Elections and a number of local elections. Commonwealth citizens can have their say and their opinion will be appreciated.

A Commonwealth citizen is not regarded to be a foreign citizen, or alien, by another respective Commonwealth government. This tradition descends from the older ‘British subject’ designation - though nothing but name has changed with regards to this concept other than name. Commonwealth citizens are technically British subjects; they can avail of the support of a British embassy or court in a country where their own nationhood is not represented. Many Commonwealth citizens still hold British passports; it is also far easier for Commonwealth citizens to immigrate to the UK than non-Commonwealth citizens.

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years in a Commonwealth member country; they add extra tourism and economy to the country.

The commonwealth of nation has helped to improve trading activities among nations by common tariffs on goods. They ensure save guidelines and better terms of delivery e.g. ensuring a better ship and cargoes.

They have helped to train members state in order to defend its integrity from the vengeance of evildoers.

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