BEM cry foul in Super Nawetan

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BEM, the football team of Barra, Essau and Mayamba, have cried foul in the way it is being treated in the on-going FIBank-sponsored Super Nawetan championship organised by the Gambia Football Federation.

Yankuba Marong, president of BEM claimed that he has on two occasions, this season, heard referees (some not in uniform), saying BEM should not be allowed to make it through to the next round because they are from the provinces. 

He added that in their match against Sukuta when they were celebrating their equalising goal in the opponent’s half, the first assistant referee said that was a tactical delay.

“He said we should not do that but instead should celebrate in our half,” Mr Marong said.

He also lamented that if BEM continued to be marginalised as provincial team, their chances of qualifying to the next stage are very slim not because of their performance but because of the intentions and plans of referees.  He recalled that a similar thing happened to them in 2014. 

Meanwhile, he also revealed that as at close of work yesterday, Monday, they had not received their gate takings percentage after playing two matches. 

“The finance committee of the Super Nawetan did not post any of the money to our account,” BEM president said.

He, however, thanked FIBank on behalf of the BEM committee for sponsoring the Super Nawetan over the years. 

Source: Picture: BEM President Yankuba Marong