Beakanyang trains teacher coordinators on human rights

Friday, June 01, 2018

Beakanyang Kafo, youth-led rights based organisation in the country has trained teacher coordinators across the country on human rights as part of its efforts to introduce human rights advocacy in schools.

Funded by the Embassy of the United States in Banjul, the training was held at the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) office in Fajara.

Nfamara Jawneh, the Chief Executive Officer said the target is to equip the teachers with the requisite skills and knowledge on human rights for them to impact positively on students through their human rights clubs. “We believe that when you are train and well informed as teacher coordinators of your human rights clubs, it would help us in sustaining the clubs for posterity.”

Mr. Jawneh told the participants that the activity forms part of their human rights education in schools project funded by the US embassy, which he said, is been piloted in ten schools across the country.

He reminded the participants that as teacher coordinators and regional coordinators, their role is to spearhead programmes and activities in their respective schools and regions, further encouraging them to take the training seriously.

Mr. Jawneh thanked the school heads and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education for their commitment in the successful implementation of the programme in their schools.

“The activity forms parts of a 12-month project being implemented by Beakanyang in partnership with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and the National Youth Council with the target to promote human rights education in select schools across the country.”

Deputy Permanent secretary at the Basic and Secondary Education Ministry Adama Jimba-Jobe said outlined the need for people to be educated to understand that as a nation, they must be prepared to forgive. “When you talk about human rights, it is the young ones and women who should be more concern. Therefore targeting you the teacher coordinators is targeting the appropriate set of people.”

She thanked Beakanyang for the initiative, saying in all countries where truth and reconciliations happened; people were sensitised before it starts.”We cannot just jump and start narrating audios that some of our family members have gone through in this country. Reaction would be overwhelming and that is why if we are able to start educating the young ones whose parents are the victims, they would understand that rights must be respected.”

Author: Njie Baldeh