B.B. Dabo, Ceesay did not reject PPP election results

Friday, January 18, 2019

The newly elected leader of People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has said that neither B.B. Dabo, his formidable challenger at the party’s December congress nor Yaya Ceesay, the party’s former executive member has rejected the election results.

Papa Njie was speaking on Thursday during a press conference held at the party’s bureau, Latrikunda German.

Mr. Njie further said that both Mr. Dabo and Mr. Ceesay were not aware about the press release, adding that both of them have accepted the election results and have congratulated him.

“The press release sent to the media houses; though bears the name of both B.B. Dabo and Yaya Ceesay but they were not aware about the release,” he said. “The release didn’t bear any signature of any of the PPP executive members.”

While responding to a question about his inconsistency from one political party to another, Mr. Njie said that he wanted to be in a party where he would be given a chance to contribute his quota to national development.

“People might see me as an inconsistent person but for me, I wanted to be part of the people in this great party that would help in developing the country,” he said.

He stressed that the PPP’s long tradition of putting youth in executive positions is a common knowledge, noting that history taught them that most of the founding fathers of this great party came into leadership roles in their early 30’s to make historic impacts on the lives of so many Gambians.

Mr. Njie said that PPP had kept low profile over the last twenty-two years for reasons beyond their control, that notwithstanding, trustworthy custodians of the party, tirelessly and persistently maintained contacts and engagements in all parts of the country.      

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara