Basketball Association Club Managers call for Extraordinary Congress

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of Gambia Basketball Association (GBA), Mr. Abdoulie Jallow, the Association’s club managers officially submitted a call for an Extraordinary Congress, dated on the 30th April, 2019.

According to the representative of the consortium of Clubs Managers, Muhammed Njie (Jim) commonly known as Jim, informed Point sports that their request letter was officially submitted to the Secretary General’s Office. The relevant sport authorities (ie. National Sports Council & Ministry of Youth & Sports), were also copied for their information, he said.

He added that the request is an exercise of their constitution rights, in accordance with article 18.1.2 of the GBA constitution which states that:

Art. 18.1.2 When at least three quarter (3/4) of the total number of votes of all members submit the request, properly justified and in writing. In that case, the Executive Committee shall convene an Extraordinary General Assembly, not later than 40 days after submission of the request.  “If the meeting is not convened, the members who requested, may convene the meeting themselves through the Secretary/Administrative Secretary of GBA.”

The reasons advanced by the Club Managers are; lack of good governance in GBA, gross constitutional violation, failure to hold AGMs since 2017 to report the activities finances of the GBA, resignation of the President Mohamadou Musa Njie (Papa) and other Executive Members, among host of other things.

In a letter sent to the National Sports Council and copied to Point sports, the Gambia Basketball Association clarified the coaches claims that the GBA has nine registered clubs contrary to the group’s claim of 15 clubs.

The GBA pointed out that there are some signatories who are registered players and not coaches nor officials. “It is however disappointing that the group forged the signature of  Brikama coach Lamin Touray,” the GBA said, describing the group’s act as the least dishonest and criminal.

The GBA Executive has always been transparent in its dealing with its membership, they said, noting that they tried to be accommodating by ensure that clubs are involved in some major decision making were necessary. “The current constitution has not made provision for the formation of coaches or club managers committee,” the GBA further clarified, saying the membership includes some unlicensed GBA members thus inconsistent with the objectives to bring coaches/club managers together as a committee. “The group has also erred by choosing a non-Gambian as its president.”

According to the GBA some of the members of the group are pushing their personal agenda using others. “The Secretary of the group wanted the GBA to sign transfer of three players to a Spanish club.  Two of them have reduced age and the other was never registered. We refused to be part of this dishonest behaviour. One of the player was registered with Brikama therefore Brikama was the rightful authority to sign transfer endorsed by GBA. The team expressed its disappointment that they have not been involved, and their player has left under dubious circumstances,” it further revealed. 

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the GBA said the association will hold it extraordinary congress on 29 June 2019.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara