Basic education shouldn’t be only free but…

Monday, November 26, 2018

Principal of Kalagi Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School has said that basic education should be made not only free but compulsory for every Gambian.

Noting that a nation cannot develop in the absence of education and therefore called on the Constitutional Review Commission to include compulsory basic education for every Gambian in the draft constitution.

Mr Sanneh made these remarks on Monday 19 November, 2018 at Kalagi during the second phase meeting of the two weeks civic education public sensitisation campaign organised by National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) meant to prepare and set the ground for the public consultations proper across the country. 

He pointed out that there is still serious lack of education within Gambian people even though education is somehow free.

“The Gambia is over fifty years old since it gained its independence and yet we have a lot of Gambians who have not attained any form of education,” he stated.

He added that both formal and informal education should be mandatory for every Gambian to attain at least basic education.

Kutubo Sanyang,  chief of Foni Jarrol District called for an introduction of presidential age limit in the draft constitution, saying once elders reach a certain age they should leave positions for younger ones because they wouldn’t be  effective for the  job.

He suggested that Alkaloship should maintain its traditional means of acquisition and should not be voted for.

Yusupha Bojang, Program Manager at the National Council for Civic Education called on people to put politics aside and come out on the public consultation proper and contribute towards building of the new constitution.

“Let us all come out on the day and contribute in drafting of a new constitution so that other countries will come to the Gambia someday to learn from us.” he pointed out.

He told people that if they fail to show up and contribute in the drafting of the constitution when laws are made that doesn’t favour them they have to blame themselves.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb on tour
Source: Picture: Principal Karamo Sanneh