Barrow’s calls on Gambians to nurture spirit of unity

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The president of the Republic of The Gambia, His Excellency Adama Barrow, has called on Gambians to nurture the spirit of unity and build the New Gambia.

“Peace is priceless, that is why my government will tirelessly work towards safeguarding this peace to be set our development agenda on the right path. Together, we have ushered the New Gambia into a world of hope - while we shall jealously guard to preserve the freedom and dignity of our people,” he said

President Barrow made this statement during The Gambia’s 53rd Independence Anniversary held at the McCarthy Square in Banjul with focus on the New Gambia for the reflection and soul-searching for inclusive national development.

The event that started with a march past of securities personnel and students was attended by first president of the Republic of The Gambia Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, the vice president and minister of Women’s Affairs, Cabinet ministers, securities chiefs, National Assembly Members, regional governors and diplomats.

He said we can only continue to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere if we embrace our diversity, and as citizens selflessly contribute to making The Gambia the best it can be. “We will always have our differences but we must learn to respect those differences.  There is no one correct perspective but let us remember that despite our political, ethnic, economic, gender difference, we have one thing in common – we have one Gambia and we are all Gambians,” he stated.

Barrow added that we can only impact positive change in our institutions and society if we realise that the ultimate responsibility to bring effective systems in place lies with all of us, state and non-state actors. We all have specific responsibilities that we cannot neglect. 

“In this regard we must take responsibilities bestowed on us and be accountable to the citizens. No matter what position you hold in my government, or profession you practice, or be you an opinion shaper, or a politician, we are in it together for the success of this country.”

In shaping the New Gambia, Barrow stated, his government has begun the task of steadily reforming the government machinery. 

“The reforms will put in place the instruments for best practices we formulate in governance through the policies and practices in the execution of our duties. This will also include cultural and attitudinal change in the timely execution and delivery of our work.  In this regard my administration will focus not only on service delivery but also on the quality of work expected of public servants.” 

President Adama Barrow said it is one year into his administration and they have removed one of the major huddles – Management by Fear – by creating an enabling environment that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, positive engagement, guided by a clear vision in our quest to build the New Gambia. This vision is captured in our National Development Plan 2018-2021. 

This plan is our National blueprint that would ensure the New Gambia is put on a firm footing to deliver good governance and accountability, social cohesion and national reconciliation and above all to revitalise and transform the economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians. 

“My priorities which are in line with the NDP is to fix the energy problem, improve health and agricultural sub-sectors, youth empowerment, and education and tourism.”

Author: Momodou Jawo