Barrow Youths VP Calls for National Unity

Monday, December 31, 2018

Vice president of President Barrow Youths for National Development has expressed solidarity with President Adama Barrow and called for national unity where all Gambians will live together towards achieving national development goals.

Addressing a multitude of people in Churchill’s town who were expressing solidarity with President Barrow, Sanusey Taal commended the President for his steadfastness and wise leadership. The group also pledged their support to the government for national development.

Mr. Taal told the gathering that President Barrow’s leadership came at a time when The Gambia was on the verge of cracking down, saying that President Barrow led the fight to liberate Gambia from the despotic rule, because of his commitment and the love that he has for the country. “He has raised the voice of Gambians and his leadership has made Gambia to take its rightful position in the world.”

He said the country is  young in democracy but today it is at par with the most advanced, developed and rich countries in the world because of the leadership. “Gambians have their freedoms and liberty because of the leadership of President Adama Barrow.”

He also called on Gambians to put away their political differences, support and focus on national development, saying that the time has come for Gambians to unify and embrace the peaceful and fearless environment created by President Barrow.

He also called on the religious leaders to continue preaching peace and advised young people to rally behind President Barrow.

Alhagi Panneh, who spoke on behalf of the groups said, “We are here to reiterate our support to our leaders and the government for a stronger, solid and prosperous Gambia, We stand here united for the president.”

He thanked President Adama Barrow for the enabling environment he created for Gambians and non-Gambians living in the country.