Barrow vows not to divert gov’t resources

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The president of Republic has challenged Gambians to redouble their efforts towards building a greater nation, promising that he would execute government resources judiciously and in a transparent manner.

Adama Barrow was speaking over the weekend at Sare Bojo village, Jimara District, URR during a mass political rally attended by thousands of his supporters.

As youth form a greater percentage in the National Development Plan (NDP), he equally called on young people to make the best use of the existing opportunities created by government.

He equally reminded youth of their role in national development.

“I want to say that after my term as president if Gambia does not owe me, I will not owe the country, and whenever my term ends, I will request for an investigation into how I spent those monies. If I am found wanting, they can take me to Mile 2.”

Barrow highlighted the terrible state of the city’s drainage and sewage system for the past years, further assuring residents of the city that the current state of the city will soon be a thing of the past.

“I am ready to work for the development of the country but whoever is not ready for that the individual should know that he cannot fit in my bus,” he said.

He thus challenged public servants to work in the best interest of the country, and put aside their political affiliations.

“If you are in my bus and you are not working towards that direction, if you didn’t alight, I will drop you. If you didn’t alight in my bus know that we are ready to alight you. And if you are alighted don’t be angry.”

As national development calls for collective work, Barrow added: “If we succeed it is as a result of collective efforts, but if we fail we are all responsible.”

The Gambian leader assured that the environment is already there and that civil servants are assured of job security.

 “You are free to work in the interest of the country. The Gambia is the country that we have and we should work together to develop it.” 

Author: Momodou Jawo