Barrow threatens to sack anyone for sabotage

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

President Adama Barrow has threatened to sack any Cabinet minister or government official who would sabotage his government’s development initiates.

“I will fight anybody who stands our way to undermine my development plans. My government officials are present here and if anybody tries to sabotage our work, it is better for you to resign before I deal with you.”

He was speaking on Sunday at a rally held in Foday Kunda in Wuli East District in the Upper River Region (URR).

He talked about the President Barrow Youth for National Development, saying it is a group of youth who mobilised themselves and adopted him as father. “They told me that they want to develop the country, so if we have young people in the country who are educated and have ambition to advance the country, that’s a great initiative. I will do everything I could to support their agendas.”

He applauded them, saying they are not doing anything to contradict the laws of the land, but to support communities by providing boreholes, lands for gardening and giving milling machines to people in complementing government’s efforts.

He added that if anybody who is up to criticise the youths, then that person must have a different agenda, “because there are lots of organisations in The Gambia, and all those groups or organisations have their direction but there is only one group that is being discussed in gatherings.  They want to discredit and disintegrate the group but it would work.”

“I want the president Barrow Youth for National Development to be formed in every village or community in the country, in order to facilitate good communication and enable the youths to carry out their duties in supporting people,” he stated.

In inviting the Senegalese people to the opening of the Yellitenda-Bambatenda Bridge on the 21st January 2019, Mr. Barrow said the bridge would further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Mr. Barrow said a politician should be trustworthy and likeable. “Water resources have identified 16 boreholes that are to be dug in Wuli, and I have secured electricity project for URR and Central River Region, which is a major project for this region because they have been struggling for so long for development.”

Author: Pa Modou Cham