Barrow Security adviser says NSP will enhance effectiveness

Friday, November 23, 2018

President Adama Barrow’s National Security Adviser, Retired Colonel Momodou Badjie, has affirmed that the National Security Policy (NSP) will enhance and increase effectiveness of the security sector by optimising contributions from all security stakeholders and actors.

“The NSP as a framework will provide guidance as to how The Gambia government provides security for the state and its citizens, and equally to ensure that government adequately addresses all threats in a much comprehensive manner,” Badjie said.

Colonel Badjie was speaking on Thursday morning during the validation of the first ever NSP at a ceremony held in Banjul. He said it is timely that the government of The Gambia is taking up such a comprehensive security policy to integrate major areas in the security sector that would outline national approach to peace and security.

“This is indeed an important validation workshop as it will determine and help to shape our national security priorities for the next few years in fulfillment of the mandate given to the security sector by President Adama Barrow.”

Badjie added that the proposal made in the NSP will contribute to the creation of a capable, accountable and effective security sector and a clear policy environment that interconnects peace, security and development, and will strengthen “our efforts at mainstreaming peace building into development initiatives.”

According to him, there are areas identified in the NSP as opportunities that need attention in order to unlock their potential, adding that another needing particular attention is the modernisation, strengthening and enhancing of the capacity and capabilities of our security sector to be adequately responsive to the security and justice needs of our people.

“We must vigorously promote and market the NSP. Everyone must not only know about it but have sufficient information that enables them to identify a role for themselves as security is everybody’s business,” he emphasised.

The document, he explained, is structured in such a way that it address Gambia’s role in the international system, “our perceived domestic and international challenges and opportunities as well as the responsibilities of implementing actors in addressing these challenges and opportunities.”

Essentially, he said, it requires taking into consideration The Gambia’s interest and core values, governance structures and decision-making processes. “It will also address our political stances and preferences as they concern international security partners, which could lead to emergence of opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.”

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: President Adama Barrow’s National Security Adviser, Retired Colonel Momodou Badjie