Barrow says threats to peace, stability increase with serious consequences

Friday, November 09, 2018

The President Adama Barrow has said that deep rooted threats to peace and stability, such as terrorism, radical extremism, the spread of small arms and dangerous drugs, cross border crimes, maritime piracy and human trafficking have increased with serious consequences.

“Worsened by poverty and youth unemployment, such social ills make the youth vulnerable to terrorist and criminal groups.”

He was speaking recently at the 5th Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security.

He said the incidence of civil wars, large-scale conflicts and violent overthrows of democratic governments has decreased, which represent an important step towards sustaining stability within the region. He added that after much struggle also, elections are now accepted as the sole credible means of transferring power.

“There are emerging threats to deal with as well. These include election-related violence, unregulated migration and abuse of new information technology. This state of affairs has particularly made the west African sub-region highly vulnerable to terrorist violence,” he pointed out.

The president highlighted that the institutional and structural limitations to handle these vices require urgent attention and durable solutions. “To this end, priority needs to be put in providing adequate resources, training and operational capabilities for law enforcement agents to effectively address all security threats.”

However, the president buttresses on Africa’s commitment, saying “we have committed ourselves to silencing the guns on the continent by 2020.” He added that it’s only by working together that the community can achieve this difficult challenge. “Thus, deliberations should continue to focus broadly on sustained peace and security, nationally, regionally and globally.”

He underlined his conviction that the revival of the national economies and the implementation of appropriate reforms are vital elements for development and peace in Africa. He added importantly too that, national and regional strategies are necessary to uproot organised crime, especially the key threats to peace and security.

Author: Pa Modou Cham