Barrow gov’t on track, says EU Envoy

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In the second part of the European Union Charge D’Affairs in The Gambia exclusive with The Point, the diplomat has pointed out that The Gambia is moving on the right track in the past 11 months of Barrow’s government.

“What I think is very important about 2017 is also that in spite of these tremendous challenges, the financial challenges, Gambia managed to maintain and succeed in maintaining peace and stability; complete another important election (the parliamentary elections) …,” Mr. Lajos said.

In a New Year exclusive with journalist Sanna Camara, the EU diplomat said he cannot deny but further confirmed that the manifesto that the coalition announced before the election (programme of the Barrow administration), is something they started delivering on.

“If I compare a media meeting today – I normally host a quarterly media breakfast with different media outlets – If I compare the circumstances now, the type of questions and the free atmosphere that anybody could ask any question from any government official, you just can’t compare it to something a year ago. So I think the overall climate of free expression, freedom of speech, freedom for people to exercise their basic human and political rights is just... (Wow) compared to what obtained a year ago,” he told Mr. Camara.

Mr. Lajos also said they will see how successful we are going to be in further progress the other changes in 2018.

Source: Picture: Mr. Lajos EU Charge D’Affairs in The Gambia