Barrow gov’t has come to end dictatorship

Thursday, May 10, 2018

United Democratic Party –UDP- Sanyang Ward chairman said President Adama Barrow’s Government came has come to end the two decades dictatorship rule that Gambians were subjected to by the former government.

Speaking to this reporter at the sidelines of victory celebration of their newly elected Councilor, Kebba Madi appealed to Gambians to be sincere to President Barrow and his administration despite their political, religious and tribal differences. “Sanyang Ward electorates will never regret electing Momodou Bojang as their new Councilor for the coming four years.”

He said the Sanyang Ward electorates and the entire Kombo South will not let the party down, saying the fundamental aim and objective of the party is to unify Gambians.

He informed UDP supporters at the event that Kombo South is West Coast Region’s bread basket for politics, stressing the need for them to maintain their stance in voting the right candidates of their choice.

He also appealed to West Coast Region UDP supporters to give their votes to UDP chairman aspirant for Brikama Area Council, Sheriffo Sonko, who he said is the only capable candidate who can develop their region. 

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Kebba Madi Bojang Sanyang Ward UDP chairman