Barrow Gov’t comes to salvage Gambians- Jalambang Alkalo

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Alkalo of Brikama Jalambang Lamin Jatta said the Adama Barrow-led government’s ousting of former President Yahya Jammeh from power was a salvation for Gambians from all forms of abuse and exploitation, including human rights, torture and good governance.

Mr. Jatta said Gambians now have to stand to help the new government to ensure that they enjoy freedom of expression, respect for human right and live in a dignified life with no fear of maltreatment.

Speaking to this reporter at his residence over the weekend, Mr. Jatta said President Adama Barrow’s government came to rescue Gambians, emphasising that the people must now ensure that they adopt a culture of peace and stability they are known for in the sub-region.

“Gambians decided to flush the former regime out of office because they want to now live in a country that holds dignity and have respect for human right and the rule of law.

He also emphasised the need for Gambians to continue strive in maintaining peace, saying that peace is one of the most fundamental requirement for human survival. “Our different political affiliations should not have any space to divide us. At the end of the day, we are all Gambians sharing almost everything in common.”

According to Mr. Jatta, Gambians must put the interest of the country first than their political parties, saying if that has to happen, people must change their attitudes towards the teachings of democracy. “Democracy promotes good behaviuor and not encouragement of vandalism or drug use and abuse.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture:Lamin Jatta Jalambang Alkalo