Barrow describes Faraba, Busumba incidents as dark moments in 2018

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

President Adama Barrow in his New Year message to the nation has described the events of Faraba Bantang, Busumbala and Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation’s standoff as dark moments of 2018, adding they were regrettable examples.

“Life cannot be rosy all the time. Quite naturally, therefore, 2018 had its dark side. The Faraba Bantang and Busumbala incidents, as well as the standoff at the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation, are regrettable examples,” he said. “In spite of the complexity of the challenges that emerged during the year, the right approach was adopted and appropriate action taken in each case.”

 The president therefore, hoped that the lessons learnt in the process would prevent the occurrence of such events.

“The change of government last year sparked off a lot of political agitation and activity, which continue to gain momentum in the country,” he said. “This is part of democracy. Nevertheless, the debates and discourses that underlie political activities should be decent, constructive, positively productive and unifying. This cannot be attained in the absence of discipline, proper education and orientation, maintaining the rule of law and respect for one another.”

In a young democracy, such as ours, Mr. Barrow said, politics should be handled with tack and caution, pointing out that in these circumstances, there is need for national unity to ensure that there are no cracks that enemies of the state can exploit.

“The end of any year serves as a reminder of the importance of time in relation to how it drifts away unnoticed; how we grow older; yet, how more mature and wise we become. It reminds us of the urgency to attend to unfinished business and to rededicate ourselves to our duties and responsibilities.”

The president further preached that time and tide wait for no one, and as a result, we must not fail to shoulder our responsibilities promptly. It is particularly unrealistic if we fail due to negligence, laziness, indifference, passivity or any other vice that deters progress, he said, while urging that the citizens be forward-looking, innovative, genuine and steadfast in order to realise greater achievements.

“This is the right moment to make resolutions for the coming year so that we can be more productive as a nation,” he said. “Accordingly, I propose that we resolve that each passing minute, hour, day, week and month of the year will be spent most usefully, most wisely and most productively so that we can accomplish as much as feasible.”
Source: Picture: President Barrow