Barrow could be seen as a rival to UDP Says Brikama North MP

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

National Assembly Member for Brikama North, Alagie S. Darboe has said that His Excellency President Adama Barrow could be seen as an enemy to the United Democratic Party, after his recent move to publicly demonstrate his full approval of a youth movement dubbed- Barrow Youth Movement for National Development.

Though the president also made it clear that this youth movement is not a political wing, many political pundits tend to differ as many have labeled this movement as a potential political foe to the UDP.

Darboe made this disclosure at the party’s recent National Youth Congress, which attracted thousands of party loyalists held over the weekend at Gunjur, Kombo South.

“I believe that both the president and his vice are the same people, they are all from the same party and also share the same Cabinet. So if something political is between the president and his vice president that should not mean it is between the president and the UDP. But again we know that there is a youth movement which the president has announced he is fully behind today and tomorrow and will entirely support their development programmes. But today UDP did not have enemies more than this youth movement. I can say that even APRC, we are not enemies. So if the president says he is behind this youth movement then we can also see him as an enemy to the UDP party,” he held.

Darboe made it clear that ‘if anybody comes up with a National Development Plan’ agenda which is aimed at the progress of the country; everyone should rally behind to ensure the full realisation of that agenda.

However, he was quick to add that ‘if it is an individual political development agenda’; no member of the party should betray the country and set up his or her own political development agenda.

“I am not saying that development agendas that are geared towards national improvement should not be assisted by the party followers, but also never in our action should we follow or help a self-political development agenda. It is clear that UDP as a party that would not want to see the failure of the National Development Plan which is for us all as citizens. Because don’t you know that majority of the Cabinet members, parliamentarians, lord mayors, area council chairmen and ward councilors are from the UDP. So it is clear that the party will not sit to see the downfall of the National Development Plan,” he added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe