Barrow accorded heroic welcome after securing 1.45B Euros

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thousands of Gambians welcomed President Adama Barrow on Friday after he returned from the European capital Brussels, where he secured 1.45 billion Euros as a pledge for the country’s national development blueprint from 2018-2021.

The Gambian leader, who co-chaired the Donor Conference, was cheered by people as they took to the streets to have a glimpse of their leader as he drove in his motorcade on the Brikama-Westfield Highway to Banjul.

Although the president could not meet his target of 2.45 billion Euros, he was hailed by many who described his trip as a success and for the efforts he put up with his team before the donors.

“This, I must say is an extra-ordinary amount of money” one activist said. “I am pleased they were able to raise this amount of money from the donors. I just hope it will be put into good use and serve the purpose it is meant for”.

Another person who wants to remain anonymous said “the money he’s been promised shows that it’s not going to him but the public and talking about the 10% of his salary he pledged is an amazing initiative because it shows he is selfless,” he said. “It is not easy for a president to sacrifice that amount of money even though it’s not much I’m really happy that he is doing that.”

Isatou, a student said “plants may be of the same height but the ferments of the roots belong to the matured ones and seed must smell no matter how small, I was expecting it. He did great.”

The Gambian leader, however, did not take the credit all by himself as he praised his team for a wonderful job shortly after his arrival at the Banjul International Airport where he spoke to waiting journalists.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko