Tuesday, January 02, 2018

One moon ago, I came to the BANTABA relatively not embraced within the climate of few people, due to my low mode of dress. The BANTABA also serves as a Timber business centre situated at the foot of the road along Kombo Sillah Drive highway surrounded with everyday busy people.

In this world, people have subconscious wishes, material desires, rooted attitudinal tendencies which are different from each individual unit. Not everyone is integrated into politics, because many viewed politics as a spare time.

As time marches on, I saw number of girl’s or ‘chepess’ their abiding impression of life was a great deal of fun. Young girl’s at the BANTABA took the daily dull routine of listening to music’s ranging from Senegalese ‘MBALAKH’ to RNB’s  Hip hops and all sorts of fashionable lifestyles which are quite unpleasant.

I obtained quite novel experience with one feminist by the person Fatou Sawo. At the BANTABA her worldview on politics is very distinctive. Many people found much to stimulate from her tough active stand of participation in shaping domestic political discourse.

People show tremendous misgivings about my low dress code, in spite of that, my active sense of duty as a Journalist serves me a great enabler. Over the past year’s my immense contributions to a humane welfare system positions me strategically for a safer society.

The BANTABA drew it’s discourse from social to different political strata; despite the exuberance of the BANTABA people of mix ages wrestled on key issues about the country’s young democracy.

The other sides of the political equation at the BANTABA are filled with pro Darboe supporters, they resented over the three year’s transition deal. Political elites saw their politics as more of a deceptive facade; much of them are not politically grounded. Many subscribes to the dogma of uttering offensive languages into the country’s political landscape.

The country is facing great political uncertainty about the three year’s transition deal. President Barrow faces huge political tasks ahead, on one hand, the coalition is entirely in disarray much to the presents of former political prisoner now Foreign Affairs minister of everything.

He’s political dogma to tear up the transition deal, left the country divided on the issue. 2nd December 2016 marks a great memorable epocha in the political history of the country. The coalition embodies the strength by removing Jammeh from power through the ballot box, as a political struggle in order to secure his acquittal from prison.

All the eight political parties that backed President Barrow during the build up to the election, were united in their differences with a common vision to unseat Jammeh from the political leadership.

Coalition militants from various parties remained politically divided. The three year’s transition deal now becomes a hotbed for political discourse.

Broken coalition militants have different task at hand, different interest to protect the values of the three year deal, and different interest for President Barrow to fulfill his constitutional mandate.

Great many people showed their incredible faith for President Barrow to remain President for life without any single political criticisms. The country is hugely divided on ethnicity dogma.

Series of political discourse have been tabled out by policymakers on the much need to unlocked the ethnicity division theory, but all their concerted efforts remains politically unresolved. Quarters of the population are poorly educated on politics and civic responsibilities.

People learn politics when politics becomes important. The country’s spread of literacy to the illiterate portion of a literate society is quite becoming more complex. Political experts are with the questioning minds that, the three year deal still remains unanswered at the borders of inquiry.


Sheriff Saidykhan


Trumpet Newspaper