Banni embarks on tree planting exercise

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

(Issue for Monday 5th August 2019)

 The community of Banni and their Development Association recently embarked on tree planting exercise around the community’s perimeter and the School. Two hundred different species of trees were planted. The exercise was sponsored by the citizens of Banni in the diaspora.

President of the Association, Malang Dahaba said without trees there will be no life. He called on the community to protect the planted trees against destruction, saying planting is one thing, nurturing and taking care of them against destruction is another important thing.

Public relation officer Edally Kejira emphasized that the discriminate tree cutting have been contributing to the declining number of the forest cover and low vegetable production. He said bushfires, tree felling, overgrazing and soil erosion all pose serious natural resources management problem, as the valuable and fragile topsoil is washed away living degraded soil for farming.

Mr. Kejira said in the 1960s; Gambia was endowed with dense forests with most of the cover categorised as closed forest of The Guinea Savanna types. He said the Association aimed at making the village green and reducing poverty. 

Advisers Ousman Dahaba and Sainey Bah both hailed the Banni Diasporans for the initiative and providing them with the seedlings. They advised the people of the community to put in place strong mechanism for the protection of the planted trees.