Banjul Red Cross donates washing machine, others to Tanka -Tanka

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Banjul Red Cross Society, an institution aimed at protecting life, health and human dignity in the city and its environment have recently donated one washing machine, two cookers and a microwave to the Tanka-Tanka psychiatric hospital.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony held at the Red Cross Banjul office, branch officer Omar Ndow said they started partnership with Campama now Tanka -Tanka in 1984, adding that the institution was named after a small street with 6 compounds in Banjul and since then they have been helping each other.

He revealed that the institution has a joint committee with Tanka -Tanka and every three months; they meet in Banjul or in Salaji for discussions.

Mr. Ndow further revealed that their senior volunteers in the Diaspora donated the materials and this happened after they reminded them that they still need their support to serve the hospital.

Arona Jobe, branch executive member dilated on the problems that Tanka -Tanka is facing and looking forward in solving, saying that government and EFTH alone cannot do everything.

He lamented that it is important for the private sector, the NGO and all other individuals to come out and support mental health sector.

Dodou Jammeh, Public Relations Office of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital applauded Banjul Red Society for supporting Tanka-Tanka with materials.

Yankuba Suwareh, nursing officer of Tanka Tanka psychiatric Hospital thanked Banjul Red Cross society for their tireless support to Tanka Tanka.

Author: Fatou Bojang