‘Banjul at the risk of flooding’ says former aspiring mayor

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The pumping station at Bund Road pumps excessive water into the river but with the block canal, Banjul is at risk of flooding, say former aspiring mayor, Ebrima Jawo.

Jawo, who opted to run under the ticket of the GDC is currently residing in the United Kingdom where he was interviewed via online to shed light on the drainage system in Banjul.

Mr. Jawo said the drainage system has been blocked for sometime, saying that the way the British built Banjul is an open canal system that let out the excess water out to the wet land ‘Tambi’ mangroves area.

Mr. Jawo explained to The Point that the solution to the drainage system in Banjul needs attention. “We need the uncluttered ring canal system which is the main outlet of the flood flash.”

“The area is very important for our ecological system; again it’s the breeding ground and nursery for some of the species we have in the area.”

Jawo also said that the local problems are not yet solved because issues need to be addressed which he said require selfless sacrifices to put Banjul back on track.

Jawo, who was well known for theatre acting suggests that if they could accelerate the current situation, excavation of the ring canal and completely clean up the drains at Grant Street, Kombo Street, and Albion place and behind Rankin Street which will go a long way in mitigating the current situation.

This, however, he said must be accompanied by residents’ input to decongest the feeder drains emptying into the storm drains.

He noted that in any case this practice needs a massive community participation complementing the efforts of the City Council to even make a dent that will certainly help.

Mr. Jawo, whose mayoral candidacy was rejected in 2018 by the IEC office due eligibility has worked with the central government at the Personnel Management Office and later as a radio presenter with SudFM Banjul.

Mr. Jawo after completing his A’ Level studies in The Gambia, proceeded to the United Kingdom in 2001 where he studied at Leicester College and De Mon Fort University and graduated with a Master’s degree in Youth and Community Work in 2007.

Jawo is a Magistrate within the justice system in Nottinghamshire bench and does lots of community work within the African community in the Diaspora, particularly the Senegambian fraternity.

Jawo participated in a lot of community works both home and abroad. He currently works as a housing officer in U.K. with the Housing Department for Leicester City Council where he has been for over ten years.

Author: Mamour M. Mbenga
Source: Picture: Ebrima Jawo