Banding Drammeh asks CRC to be cautious

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Former Gambia Supreme Islamic Council President Sheikh Alhaji Ahmad Banding Drammeh has called on the authorities of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) to be vigilant about the current argument between Gambians as to whether the country should be call a secular state or not.

During an interview with this reporter at the Amanah headquarters in Kanifing, Sheikh Drammeh said the belief in equal right to inheritance between men and women and gay marriage are not in line with Islamic perspective.

According to him, authorities condemned early marriage which, he said is an Islamic commandment but ignored early pregnancy, saying Gambia should imitate Kwame Nkrumah type of leadership in which if any teacher impregnates a girl student, he will not work with the government for a period of 15 years.   

He reiterated that Gambia cannot be call a “secular” state because the percentage of Muslim in the country surpasses all other religions, despite the fact that other religions are practiced in the country. “Allah said in the Quran that- Oh! You believers, accept Islam with its rules and regulations and follow not the footsteps of evil because he is your enemy.”

He said Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said that whoever innovate good deed, Allah will reward him for that, but also whoever lead a bad innovation will be committing sin alongside those who follow him.

Sheikh Drammeh reminded the CRC authorities to be mindful about Islamic perspective and cultures before introducing anything as law in the new constitution. “There cannot be meaningful development in the absence of the usage of our local languages for communication. 

Author: Morro ML Minteh