Ballanghar Basic Cycle School gets new library

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Gumbo Ali Touray, the former director of International Affairs and Information at the University of The Gambia has built a new library center worth over D350, 000 at Ballanghar Basic Cycle School in the Lower Saloum District of the Central River Region.

The library center, which is named after the donor is equipped with computers as well as books among other teaching and learning materials.

 The center, according to officials was meant to enhance learning in the school, while at the same time to be used by the villagers for meetings, cultural activity among others.

Touray, a native of Ballanghar village who also attended the school from 1958 to 1961, said the development of his community, the school and the region at large remain a top development aspiration for him.

He said for many years since his graduation in UK in the 1980s, he has always assisted the school as his alma mater in various ways including furniture, books, second-hand clothing, typewriters among others.

Touray added that his aspiration was to help the communities of the area with a view to improving their living condition.

He recalled that some years back, he was able to build big gardens in Genji Wollof, Ginbalo Felngo, Simbaaro village and Jamweleh villages, all in the lower Saloum district.

Divulging his plans, the former UTG director of International Affairs and Information said his aim is to build a new community radio station in Ballanghar village which would benefit the entire region and also create youth employment for inhabitants of the area.

The Headmistress of Ballanghar Basic Cycle School, Haddy Sowe, dwelled on the importance of the library center, adding that it would go a long way in enhancing teaching and learning in the school.

She commended the donor for his continued support to the school, while calling on others to emulate Gumbo Touray in giving back their own communities.

The School SMS Chairman Musa Secka also echoed similar sentiment and urged the donor to continue supporting the school with a view to enabling students of the area achieve quality education. 

In a separate development, Gumbo Touray has also constructed three classrooms at Madarassa School in Jimbala Felngo in lower Saloum.

The Maam Mbayang Mboom Madarassa Ndurul Hakha, which was named after his late mother, is expected to attract at least a hundred students within the catchment area.

Mr. Touray urged parents to also enroll their children in the Madarassa School, saying that the only Madarassa School within the area is Kaur which is almost 8 to 9 kilometers away.

“I think it is paramount to also support the community by building a Madarassa School in the area,” he said.

The Head of the Madarassa School, Imam Ustass Abdoulie Ceesay, thanked the donor, saying that the development of the district, the region and the country at large remain a priority for Mr. Touray as it was manifested in key projects he has brought to the doorsteps of the inhabitants.

Author: Momodou Jawo