Balla Gaye doubles over Modou Lo

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Guediawaye wrestler Balla Gaye II Sunday defeated Parcelle wrestler Modou Lo at Stade Leopold Sedar Senghor in Senegal’s capital Dakar in a combat that lasted for only five minutes and thirty seconds.

Balla dominated the fight from start to finish, as he confirm his status as one of the best wrestlers in the Senegalese arena.

Speaking to Senegalese reporters shortly after the victory, Balla Gaye said the combat was just a confirmation that he was stronger than Modou Lo, saying he was physically and mentally prepared for it and was a must win combat.

He said he knew that he was going to be victorious because they once wrestled and he defeated him in just 20 seconds. “I am back and I come to take my King of the Arena title,” Balla said.

As winner, Balla Gaye went home with a giant trophy named after President Macky Sall which was presented to him by the Minister for Sports Matarr Bah.

Thousands of wrestling followers came from different parts of the world to watch the combat which was staged by Gaston Promotions.

The two wrestlers had earlier promised their fans of victory, but in the arena, Balla proved to be too strong for Modou Lo as he defeat him for the second time.

Author: Fatoumatta Komma