Ball Conge back in SESDO Nawettan proper after 7 years

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Bundung-based team, Ball Conge has booked back their places in to the Serekunda East Nawettan proper after defeating the Nama Kunku-based team One Love FC 2-0 in the playoff final played at the Serekunda East park on Sunday.

The Ball Conge tall lanky striker, Badara Njie became the hero for his team after scoring both goals for his side through the spot in the 38th and 80th minutes respectively.

Ball Conge who has been very consistent in winning trophies over the years at the SESDO competition have been trying for 7 years since been relegated in 2012 through the inspiration of their in-form striker, Badara Njie who scored five goals in four matches for Ball Conge during the qualifiers.

The Bundung outfit, who already won all their three matches before meeting with One Love in their final playoff encounter has come in achieving their intention after laying their lives on this match,.

One Love FC who also came with a slide inexperienced side also attributed their lost due to lack of players

One Love assistant Coach Modou Gaye said it was a sad day for them after been defeated for the playoff, adding they lost to a team that has been a consistent winner in the Serekunda East Nawettan proper.

According to him, though they have been eliminated from participating in this year’s nawettan but they go back and prepare more especially on their loopholes for next season 

For his part, Modou Beyai, Head Coach of Ball Conge expressed delight for guiding the team back to the Serekunda East Nawettan proper after trying for seven years.

“Am so happy that we have made it to the Nawettan proper after trying for seven years. We have the team that have been so motivated to achieve this goal,” he said

According to him, their target is to maintain position in the Nawettan proper but will also grape anything that comes their way.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara