BALBS receives computers

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bakoteh Annex Lower Basic School on Friday received between 50 to 100 computers from a Ghanaian philanthropist, Kwame Attakor.

Rich Ans Bob Enterprise, a Ghanaian company that sets up computer laboratories for schools in Ghana, now has the privilege to extend its service to Bakoteh Annex Lower Basic for the first time.

Rich Ans Bob enterprise would take responsibility for all maintenance of the machines within 2 years of operations.

That after the 2 years of operations, all computers and all other assets in the computer room then becomes the property of the school.

He said each student would pay a fee of D300 for each term as a computer fee through the school administration to be forwarded into Rich Ans Bob enterprise bank account.

The headmaster of Bakoteh Annex, Hally L. Sanneh expressed his sincere gratitude and thanked Mr Kwame for choosing Bakoteh Annex to help and develop their skills in computer, especially the children to be guided with such techniques in the basics of a computer.

Author: Fatou Dem