Bakau Alkalo warns unpaid yard owners to settle D20M arrears

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bakau Alkalo Alhagie Luntang Jaiteh has warned yard owners who default in the payment of their compound rates within his designated catchment area to immediately settle the payment, which, he said, amounted to 20 million dalasi.

Mr. Jaiteh warned that continuous failure of people in the payment of their rates would lead to prosecution.

In an interview with The Point Newspaper yesterday, Mr. Jaiteh said the situation is very serious and is depriving the local rates collector; Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) of over 20 million in much needed revenue. “KMC Mayor, Talib Ahmed Bensouda is also very concerned about this arrears and he wants all those with the arrears to pay. Can you imagine some compound owners have not being paying rates for many years.”

He said annual compound rate is like chicken change but ironically, some people will spend millions a year and still find it hard to pay just a few hundred of dalasis or less as compound rates.

The Alkalo shared some of the figures owed by compound owners in the various areas in his catchment as follows: Golf course area D244, 107. 97, South Atlantic D431, 116.31, Bakau Farokono D13, 834, 562. 39, Bakau and New Town D1, 038, 956. 39, Bakau booster station D3, 032, 563. 18 and Fajara M section, D1. 775, 389. 26

The Bakau Alkalo finally said that, Mayor Bensouda wants all those with arrears to be this amount urgently.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara