Backway returnees shamed, not losers: EU Envoy

Monday, January 08, 2018

In a New Year interview with The Point, taped by Eye Africa TV, the head of the EU delegation to The Gambia has lamented how shameful many of back-way returnees feel upon returning, just because society sees them as losers.

“I was at the airport, on the tarmac, when a chartered flight came from Libya carrying 165 passengers. I could see the boys coming down the stairs, probably five of them smiled, the rest felt ashamed – this is something we have to work on – a stage where the community, who in some cases sent these boys on the back way, do not consider them as losers,” Ambassador Attila Lajos said.

“For the time being, even when I talk to these young people, this is what they told me… They are afraid of going home because their communities will consider them as losers in spite of whatever horrible experiences they went through,” he told journalist Sanna Camara.

Author: Sanna Camara