BAC urged to convene emergency meeting to address protesters’ demands

Friday, August 02, 2019

The governor of West Coast Region (WCR), Bakary Sanyang, has urged the Brikama Area Council (BAC) to convene an emergency meeting next week over the demands laid by #OccupyBAC – a youth movement that staged a protest against the council last week.

Mr. Sanyang was speaking at a gathering designed for a peaceful dialogue between the BAC and leaders of the #OccupyBAC. The meeting was witnessed by lawmakers of Brikama North and South constituencies, deputy governor, the CEO of BAC, ward councilors, security personnel and the alkalo of Brikama.

#OccupyBAC on Wednesday 24 July 2019 took to the streets, demanding better social services such as good roads, standard market facilities, proper waste collection system, good drainage and other social amenities, but they were later dispersed by the PIU personnel, using tear gas.

After statements from the two parties, Governor Sanyang pointed out that it is always important that the council organises meetings in which people; including the media will be invited to know what exactly is happening within their domain.

“This will assist in showcasing transparency and accountability on the functions of the council as an institution,” he said.

He indicated that with the number of the elected and nominated ward councilors in WCR, nothing wrong should be happening when it comes to the frustrations without councilors being aware of.

 “I am very much appreciative of you as concern youth in going out there to the people to find out issues that are affecting their livelihoods; which should in fact be the responsibility of your very own ward councilors who are voted to take development to your various wards in the region.”

 “The only reason of having these concern youth going around all the areas to find out the complaints of the people is because they are not happy with the performance of the council,” Governor Sanyang said. “This is because if they were performing their duties, probably we will not have reached this point where the concern youth would go out to bring information that should be brought to the attention of the council or the government.”

“We have all heard during your campaign for these positions what you have promised us, but there is nothing that has been said here today.” You councilors have not promised that you will take care of them. And I think CEO as early as next week; you should have an emergency council meeting.”

“So I think you have done a good job as concern youth in forwarding your demands to the council and I can assure you that we are going to look at them and that you will surely receive answers because you have rights as far as you are paying your taxes,” he concluded.   

Author: Yusupha Jobe