BAC, Sen De Gel sign MOU

Friday, December 28, 2018

Brikama Area Council (BAC ) on Monday re-signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Sen De Gel, a Turkish civil society organisation at a signing ceremony held at the Council’s Chamber in Brikama.

The MOU was the second time that two institutions had signed in a move to revitalise the partnership and allow the two parties to work together in the best interest of their people, particularly local communities. The MOU also seeks to foster the already existing bilateral ties between Banjul and Ankara.

At the signing ceremony, Alagi Mam-Sait Jallow, the Chief Executive Officer Brikama Area Council, reminded that the MOU is meant to revitalize the already existing cooperation, saying the MOU had already been signed by the two parties, but was dormant in term of implementing the agreement as contain in the MOU.

CEO Jallow expressed optimism that the MOU will be implemented as planned this time round, citing the calibre of staff at the council.

He expressed appreciation to be associated with the event, which he said, marks another milestone move in bolstering the relationship that had already existed between BAC and the Turkish organization.

Jallow also commended the Sen De Gel for the partnership, further expressing hope that the ties with be further cemented for the benefit of local communities.

The MOU, he added, would pave the way for the two parties to work together in a more formal and organise way.

He however, lamented the benefits that could be derived from the partnership, adding that the council alone cannot do everything for the communities.

‘That is why the council management deems it very fitting to partner with genuine partners like the Sen DE Gel organization. So with this Turkish organization the council would achieve its goal as planned’.

CEO Jallow while expressing hope that the MOU would open up new frontiers in terms of development for both the two parties, also hailed the high sense of commitment manifested in ensuring that the MOU is re-signed.

Aso speaking, Sherifo Sonko, Chairman of BAC said the signing of the MOU is a great move in the history calendar of the Council in the sense that this is his first time as chairman to witness the signing of MOU.

“We at BAC deem it very necessary to have such partners like Sen De Gel organization, who are ready to work hand in glove with the council to address the concern of the electorates in their communities”.

Chairman Sonko underscored that it is important that ‘we recognise the governments of The Gambia and that of Turkey for ensuring that this MOU is sign. It is very difficult to fulfil all the promises that we made to their electorates and this is why the council look for partners that would help us to deliver on our campaign promises ‘he added.

He expressed with delight that the recently signed MOU would further open up avenues for more development opportunities to empower local communities.

“This MOU is historic in the sense that this is the second time the council signed an MOU with this Turkish organization but was dominant for the past year”.

He promised that the council would do its utmost best to ensure that they respect the agreement in the MOU and implement it to the letter.

 “We at the management of BAC want to strengthen this relationship and revitalise it. We are not here for our own- interest but the interest of our electorate’s communities. Therefore we are appealing to the Turkish government to give us more support to better help our local communities”.

For his part, Tuncay Bozkurt, coordinator of Sen DE Gel, explained that this organization is a Turkish International organization that started operation in 2012 by implementing sustainable development projects based on the needs of rural communities.

Mr. Bozkurt assured the management of the Brikama Area Council that his organization is open to cooperate with institution, which represents the interest of all citizens.

He made it very cleared that his organisation is a non- political organization and a civil society organization that came to support the welfare of rural communities. “We don’t want to be associated with politics.”

Other speaker includes, Lamin Jarju, Councillor for Marakissa Ward, who also commended the Turkish organisation through the Government of Turkish for their foresight. The signing ceremony was chaired by, Sheriffo Singhateh, Public Relations Officer of BAC and in attendance were members of the senior management team.