BAC mango diplomacy- a sharp affront to WCR

Thursday, May 23, 2019

West Coast Region’s tax collection and development authority; Brikama Area Council (BAC) has exposed the region in to daylight ridicule on the social media when the management took a new style in its diplomacy like never before, by sending 100 bales of mango to the Council’s long-time counterpart- Grand Yoff Municipality- in Senegal.

This is the first time in history, for a development authority that is responsible of collecting and managing one of Gambia’s biggest and most populous region’s taxes, to fail in its responsibility to the point of strengthening diplomatic ties through bales of mangoes.

On Sunday, the council posted on its social media –Facebook- group with its vice chairman Ismaila Jallow handing the bales of mango to a man who is suspected to be the Mayor of Grand Yoff. The post was introduced as “A mean to strengthen the relationship between the council and the municipality of Grand Yoff Senegal, 100 bales of mango was delivered by the vice chairman to the Mayor of Grand Yoff.”

The post immediately garnered more than fifty-five comments and thirty-six shares with people expressing anger and condemning the act, calling it irresponsible and unforgivable.

Since the coming of Council’s new management from the 2017 councilor’s election, the chairman -a former bank driver, Sheriffo Sonko and his management have been in a serious tussle on how to prioritise development.

“After giving the mantle of leadership to Sheriffo and co, this is the pay back you people are pasting out to the people of West Coast Region for a good job by jumping in hand with Senegalese whiles our street lights, secondary roads and some basic need to be taken seriously. Is this the work your council is doing? Mediocrity at its best,” one of the commenters posted.

Brikama Area Council has been continuously accused of being one of the most corrupt councils in the country with either half-educated or illiterate chairman who has no development ideas.

In 2015, some of the Council officials were accused of playing double standards by denying some Gambians who applied for canteens secretly allocating them to foreigners who never even applied. 

Author: Amadou Jallow