Baba Trawally disassociates himself from comments made by Jobateh, Yabou

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baba Trawally, a researcher and veteran journalist has reacted to comments made by Madi Jobateh, the programme manager of TANGO and Ousman Yabou, the executive director of the same NGO in a programme hosted by West Coast Radio: ‘The Gambia We Want”.

Mr. Trawally said he is troubled by the topic, saying the two cannot speak for the nation and as such he is disassociating himself with their comments, saying the two were speaking for themselves.

He added that the two men were expressing their own opinion.

According to the researcher, the two men threw the net too wide, adding that they could have controlled their speech.

“I have not giving my conscience to anybody to speak on my behalf and I know so many people will register the same protest”,  he went on, wondering whether the two carried out a random survey in the country to find out about the feelings of the people before carrying out their remarks.

Mr. Trawally said one cannot just assume that you are talking for a country.

He remarked that Jobateh and Yabou spoke in a manner that indicates that they are angry.

According to the veteran journalist, Yabou said the government is not inclusive which he said is subjective, questioning who is Yabou to tell Gambians and the world that this government is not inclusive.

He also quoted Yabou as saying that there are civil servants over there who are excluded, saying he is inciting a group of people in the country against the government which is wrong.

“If Yabou is to make the issue of retired civil servants a case, he’s got a wrong case,” he said, noting that, if Yabou is trying to hit the government he should not hide behind retired civil servants.

He described Yabou and Jobateh as new comers in politics who pose themselves as highly knowledgeable people in politics especially Gambian politics.

He observed that, Peter Gomez, the proprietor of West Coast Radio made several attempts to put them on right track but they could not see the wood for the tree or saw and deliberately ignore it.

They also spoke about Barrow’s pictures in the house of representative, election house and judiciary saying it should not be there, he further said, adding that as a leader of the country including the judiciary let them tell us what is wrong with his photos being there.

“We must be matured to write academically, write intellectually, write intelligently and speak intelligently,” he stated.

“Before going on air, they should check the tenability, acceptability and factuality of whatever case they want to present”, he said.