Axed vice president resigns from coalition government

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Axed former vice president Fatomatta Jallow-Tambajang has tendered her resignation from President Barrow led-coalition government and declined the offer to serve in the foreign services.

The Director of Press at State House Aminata Bojang-Sissoho revealed this at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Fatomatta Jallow-Tambajang was relieved of her vice presidential portofolio and redeployed to foreign services in a statement released from State House on the 29th of June after the first major cabinet reshuffle by President Barrow.

Press secretary Sissoho informed the press of the latest development at the presidency and has confirmed that Madam Jallow-Tambajang had indeed resigned and the president has accepted her resignation.

“President Barrow also accepted the resignation of former vice president Fatomatta Jallow-Tambajang from the government and the offer to serve in the foreign services in a letter dated 4th of July,” the president’s spokesperson stated.

Asked if the former vice president resigned before she was relieved of her duties, Bojang responded in the negative.

“She did not resign before she was relieved, she resigned after she was informed that she would be given a position in the foreign services. She declined it based on personal and professional reasons that are what she stated in the letter and it was accepted by the president,” Sissoho said.

The director of press continued; “So to answer your question specifically, it was not before she was relieved, it was after she has been relieved and offered this other service she could serve that she has declined to accept.”

The sacking of the former vice president has been making rounds on the social media and because the Barrow led government promised the people of The Gambia transparency in its conducts and the press director was quizzed to shed light on the exact reasons for Tambajang’s sacking, but she would not say.

“Maybe you are not satisfy with the reason given to you but that is the reason that has been available to us, that the president has the prerogative from time to time to review his cabinet or appointments he has made to decide whatever he wants to do that in the interest of the country and I think he has made it clear in his statement.”

“I don’t think there is any more information regarding that, that’s all we have,” she added.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: former vice president Fatomatta Jallow-Tambajang