Authorities at Tanji impound 4 boats over illegal fishing

Monday, December 24, 2018

Fisheries officials at the Tanji Fish Landing site – the country’s biggest fish landing site on Saturday 22 December, impounded four boats suspected of illegal fishing.

A huge quantity of juvenile fishes was discovered loaded on the boats at the time of their inspection. A fisheries official who is familiar with the matter told The Point that the boat owners were using prohibited fishing nets for fishing.

The owners were three Senegalese and a Gambian.

Momodou Lain, Sainey Khan and Alieu Lain were all confirmed to be Senegalese, while Edrisa Jallow was identified as a Gambian.

A source told The Point that these illegal activities came to light following a routine inspection by a Fisheries Assistant at the Tanji landing site. After realising despicable foul play, he acted by taking necessary steps to save the future of one of the nation’s most lucrative industries.     

After confirming some wrongdoings, authorities decided to take custody of the machines and nets from the boats and let owners go until today for further action (s) – that the Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters will take.

Alieu Lain, a suspect, admitted to The Point that that was the first time he has been apprehended by the fisheries officials for such act.

According to him, he has seven years of fishing experience in The Gambia behind him but has never violated any fishing laws of the country. He thus pleaded for authorities to have mercy on him.

“Yes, it is true that I am apprehended for involving in illegal fishing activity, and the use of nets that are not allowed for fishing, but this is the first time such is happening to me after seven years of fishing experience in the country. So I am just pleading as a first time offender,” he said

Fisheries officials at the Tanji Fish landing site have informed The Point that the confiscation of the fishing machines and their nets from the suspects has come about following a confirmation that they the suspects were using nets that are not allowed for fishing in this country.

Author: Yusupha Jobe