Auditor General recalled by Janneh Commission

Friday, November 10, 2017

Karamba Touray, the auditor general, was yesterday recalled by the Janneh Commission concerning an audit exercise his office had carried out.

He told the commission that they had carried out an audit on the request from the Office of the former President dated 20 October, 2012, further noting that they were to audit The Gambia Food and Feed Industry (GFFI).

Mr. Touray adduced that he was told that this was a general audit.

At this juncture, he read out the executive summary of the audit report to the commission.

He stated that the former government had paid $5,000,000 into GFFI account, adding that the former government had been financing the institution.

The audit report was subsequently tendered and admitted in evidence.

Momodou Sabally, former secretary general, was also recalled to shed more lights on the two ferries, namely Kansala and Aljamdu.

He posited that one Adama Corr sent him an email while he was director of budget, further stating that the email was for him to be a signatory to an account, as well as Kebba Touray.

Mr. Sabally testified that there was a power of attorney dated 3 March, 2011, noting further that he brought the emails to show that he was not acting alone.

The lead counsel then advised him to put the emails together in logical order so that they could be admitted.

Mr. Sabally said that they held meetings in Banjul concerning the slipways so that the ferries could dock.

Emails in relation to the ferries were tendered at this juncture and admitted as exhibits.

Altikan Dibba, principal banking officer at the Central Bank, who represented the governor general, testified before the commission.

He was asked to tell the commission about the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) account.

Mr. Dibba stated that the said account was opened on 9 July, 2007, adding that instructions for payment came from the office of the Accountant General.

He posited further that on 24 December, 2010, there was a debit of D131,000, 000 from the account.

He adduced that instruction came from the office of the Accountant General dated 17 January, 2011, to transfer $700,000 to Gamveg Oild Ltd.

Mr. Dibba narrated that on 24 December 2010, there was another payment of D9,810,000 on the instruction from the Ministry of Finance to the office of the Accountant General.

He disclosed further that a sum of D2,000,000 was paid for Christians for pilgrimage, adding that D7,120,000 was to be paid to Central Bank.

Mr. Dibba adduced that D8,000,000 was also withdrawn for the HIPC account and paid out.

He stated that the total deposit into the account was D305,657, 341.14, and there was a withdrawn of D295,105,905, leaving a balance of D10,551,466.

The HIPC account and bank statements at the Central Bank were tendered and admitted as exhibits.

Mr. Bolaji, the managing director at the GTBank, who was also recalled, told the commission that he had brought the business sale agreement and correspondences from the Office of the former President indicating an agreement between the former government and Gamveg Oil Ltd.

He posited that Amadou Samba and Muhammed Bazzi signed on behalf of the company, noting further that there were two endorsements on behalf of the former government but did not know who signed them.

Mr. Bolaji adduced that a loan was availed to KGI to the tune of $2,000,000 from SSHFC account, adding that there was another disbursement of funds from SSHFC account, and in December 2015, the bank communicated to KGI to settle the loan.

At this juncture, documents showing transactions between the bank and Gamveg Oil Ltd., and also the purchase of Gamvey Oil Ltd. by the former government, and transactions between KGI and the bank were tendered and admitted in evidence.

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture: Karamba Touray, The Auditor General