Asselem slashes Smiling Coast in Gunjur Nawettan

Friday, September 07, 2018

Asselem FC Wednesday defeated Smiling Coast FC 4-0 in the ongoing Gunjur ‘Nawettan’ tournament played at the Gunjur Nyamina Football Field.

The Gunjur Asselem-based club lost to Ecomog FC 1-0 in their re-scheduled opening group fixture played on Monday before their resounding win over Gunjur Sanchaba-based club.

The victory earned Asselem second spot in Group D with 3 points and one point behind group leaders Blaness FC with 4 points, who beat Ecomog 1-0.

Ecomog dropped to third in Group D with 3 points after losing to Blaness FC 1-0 in their second group match.

Smiling Coast is currently bottom-place in Group D with a single point following their goalless with Blaness FC before slipping to Asselem FC 4-0 in their second group match.