Aspiring mayoral candidate: Banjul is in a mess

Thursday, February 01, 2018

One of the Independent candidates who announced interest to vie for Gambia’s capital city, Banjul Mayoral post said the country’s capital is in a mess and it is only through collective responsibility that can bring it back to its lost glories as a capital city.

In an interview with The Point at his Manjai residence on Tuesday, Bye Malleh Wadda said he believes that he is the best candidate for Banjul, making reference to his record of achievement in the past, success and capabilities, saying those should give Banjul a clear evidence to trust him.

Mr. Wadda promised that if he becomes the city’s Mayor, he will unite all parties and encourage close working relationship for its development and the entire country.

He said in The Gambia, many young people do not understand politics, saying the game is not about personal interest but the interest of the country which, he said should be first.  “The people of Banjul should elect a responsible and capable person who will be willing to stand for the development of the city.”

He also promised that if he became Mayor, his first priorities will be to keep the city clean, fix all drainage problems, construct more roads, address housing situation and improve services Banjul City Council.

Mr. Wadda also promised to be active engaging youth, religious leaders and the city’s business community on regular consultation and their opinion for the development of the city. “This will allow us to come with solutions to the problem in Banjul because i believe that leadership is not about one person’s work especially in a democratic process,” he said, adding, “If am elected, my salaries will be used to help the neediest persons and families because what I am looking for is the City’s development and not for any monetary interest.”


First Gambian to participate in World University game in Bulgaria in 1978 and first Gambian to win a trophy at the Zone 2 competition in Mauritania in 1983, Mr. Wadda said he was a football, tennis ball and basketball player for The Gambia for several years as part of his achievements.

He said he also built the Father Gough Sport Complex in Manjai, the Manneh Sillah basket court in Banjul, Saint Augustine High School football pitch and the toilets facilities at Independence Drive Mosque in Banjul.


“I am now working to establish an institution call Gam Africa Institute for Leadership (GAIL). This institution will build confidence and empower high quality ethical leaders with constructive and critical competencies and innovative life skills and knowledge for accelerated economic and sustainable development,” Mr. Wadda said.

He said also as part of his plans if he became Mayor will be the provision of pathways that will inspire and motivate African youth to grow, transform and achieve their highest potential.

He said the GAIL leadership development programme targets to create a community of talented leaders who will be capable of solving the continent’s most pressing challenges, targeting female and male youth between the ages of 16 and 35 years.

According to him, he is also conducting a radio and television programme call “Voice of the youth” to give young people the platform and engagement to provide solutions to local issues.

Author: Modou Cham