Armed robbers attacked, burnt 2 shops to ashes

Monday, February 05, 2018

The North Bank Region (NBR) of The Gambia, being one of the regions prone to armed robbery has again been hit with robbery after armed robbers broke into shops and made their ways out with cash in separate attacks and burnt two shops and a store into ashes.

The incidents were reported to have happened in the early hours of Saturday morning at Ndungou Kebbeh and Chamen Bai Dam village both in the NBR respectively.

Our sources in NBR added that the robbers who were 7 in numbers masked in blacks with guns and cutlasses and attacked different shops in Ndungou Kebbeh.

Our sources said added that one of the shops belonging to one Seedi Lamin Hydara, the robbers went away with an amount of D29, 000 and 24-CFA respectively. They also broke into another shop belonging to Baddy Hydara, they went away with D120, 000. One Mutarr Drammeh’s shop was also attacked but robbers did not take anything.

“When the night watchman at the shops saw them coming in blacks, he decided to hide and went and informed the people. When villagers didn’t turn up, he went and reported the matter to the police.

Our source in NBR further stated that the robbers then proceeded to Chamen Bai Dam village where they robbed some shops and burnt others.

Our reporter has been informed that two shops and a store which was containing 40 bags of groundnut were all burnt into ashes by the suspected robbers.

It is reported that nothing was salvaged from the shops that the robbers burnt. Our sources said that one of the shopkeepers had his hand broken as he tried to salvage some materials.

Our reporter has been informed that the commissioner of Operations, Landing Bojang and his troop have been patrolling after these incidents were reported.

Author: Momodou Jawo