‘APRC should have been banned’

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alhagie Basirou Gassama, a renowned Bakau politician has said that the opposition APRC should have been banned, saying it is because of Barrow’s tolerance, respect for the rule of law and democracy that is why it was not banned.

The former APRC chairman of Bakau Sanchaba Ward added that the July 22nd Revolution failed in its first 10 years, while the remaining 12 years was marred by repressive force, thus making the whole 22 years of rule a total failure.

 Gassama, who was speaking in an exclusive with The Point, further explained that Jammeh’s misrule was intolerable, as his close associates have justified at the ongoing Janneh Commission; how he squandered the country’s resources.

He lamented that the game of dictatorship without respect for human rights, rule of law, democracy and good governance is now over, noting that Gambians are no fools anymore as manifested in the last presidential polls.

He described the last presidential polls as free and fair as it was on the spot counting where all party agents were represented.

“That was the will of God and one should accept defeat and put all hands on deck and see the interest and peace of the nation. Gambians should forget their political differences, tribal problems with self interest and see the nation first by joining hands together and help the president and his government to succeed in his 5 years mandate, which is the constitution of the Gambian people.”

On the contrary, Bass as he is fondly called acknowledged that Jammeh’s rule cannot be compared to that of Barrow’s, as the former took the law into his own hands.

On the recent leaked WhatsApp audio that has been making rounds on the social media, the hard-hitting politician noted that the former president in the said audio said he will come back to the country. But for Bass, that’s just a mere propaganda statement.

“That is not true. Yahya Jammeh will not dare come here because we will not spare him especially whose family were victims. If he dares to come he is going to face the Janneh Commission or the five star prisons where he sent Gambians before. The conversation was just for selfish interest and monetary wise not for national interest and that cannot be a threat politically and security wise.”

“We don’t need our nation to fall into chaos and Gambians are no fools. We are all matured. If some people are conscious and love the younger generation you will say no to APRC.”

 “The Constitution of The Gambia is a very a good one but it was Fabakary Tombong Jatta and others who enacted bad laws in the country and are still propagating for election in 2019. Gambians are no tribalists. Tribalism emerged from the Second Republic of Yahya Jammeh and he inspired tribalism in the Jolas.”

Author: Fatou Dem